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Speaking to Build Writing Fluency

When working through the writing process, there are many engaging activities you can do with your English language learners to integrate the core skills of reading, speaking, and listening. We invite you to join our 30 minute webinar hosted by ESL expert Brenda...

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Reading Strategies and Activities for ESL/ELL Classrooms

Teaching the skill of reading requires a specific flow and integrated approach that incorporates writing, listening, and speaking exercises. ESL Specialist Brenda Huey-Rosas as she reveals reading fluency strategies and comprehension activities for the classroom....

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Vocabulary Practice for ESL/ELL Classrooms

Research shows that vocabulary development is one of the most important skills students need to acquire to become English-proficient. When vocabulary is taught as isolated word lists, students revert to memorizing instead of actually learning the words for later use....

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ELLoquence: English Language Learning

Teachers from Fairmont Preparatory Academy in Anaheim, Cornerstone Academy in San Francisco, and Calexico Mission Academy in Calexico, California discuss the Thesys ELLoquence English language program and the many benefits that it provides both teachers and...

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Schema Building for ESL/ELL Classrooms

Teachers and administrators! It's your turn to be the students in our short workshop discussing schema building in an ESL/ELL classroom.Discover new ideas and real life applications that you or your teachers can use in their own ELL classrooms.

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Multi-Level Teaching Strategies for ESL/ELL Classrooms

Are you an administrator looking for alternatives to single level classrooms? Are you an ELL teacher with the daunting task of working with multi-level students all at once? Please join our chat with ESL Specialist, Brenda Rosas, as she discusses the challenges and...

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