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At Thesys we know the challenges you face—we are educators ourselves. We have seen first-hand how education is changing and how students are changing. Today’s learners are “digital natives” who are savvy with technology and expect education to keep up.

The Thesys programs are effective because our methodologies are based on experience. As a member of the Fairmont Education Group, we have put more than 60 years of “know-how” into building our research-based digital curriculum, which has been field tested in our own schools and partner schools across the nation. We believe that together we can make education even more relevant for this new generation.

Unlike strictly virtual schools, Thesys programs are not a replacement for the classroom or teacher. Therefore, it won’t impact your enrollment numbers; we know how important this is to protecting your school’s funding. Instead, we train teachers in 21st Century learning, and provide on-going service from our Teacher Mentors who helped write the curriculum and have taught the courses themselves.

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Our ELLoquence program is utilized by over 2,500 students in 75 public and private schools throughout the USA… and beyond!

Thesys International is pleased to announce its flagship English learning center in Singapore, jointly owned with Nomos Education Pte Ltd, opening in December 2016 at the HarbourFront site. We will provide ELLoquence to Singaporean students who intend to learn English at a high proficiency level.

Thesys International and Wudi Genius, Ltd. of China have joined forces in offering the ELLoquence iPad Product in China.

Edible Edu Jr. High is Seoul, Korea is now using ELLoquence in an online and face to face blended method. Students meet with their teachers live online once a week and then in person every other Saturday.

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