Caroline Wu, an ELLoquence user and alternative education teacher at Rancho Learning Center (Arcadia, CA), has found that ELLoquence’s focus on speaking and listening has led to building relationships with her students and getting to know them better.

“ELLoquence helps teachers get to know students in a more personal way,” Wu shares.

Speaking and Listening

ELLoquence pushes its users to increase English language proficiency, not only through reading and writing, but also in speaking and listening. Students are often prompted to discuss their written answers to essential unit questions as a class. This way students practice speaking and listening in the English language and not just writing. Wu says, during these discussions she’s able to gain more insight into her students’ thoughts and personalities. As she gets to know them better, she can share in their interests, and the students then feel more comfortable sharing with her. While the discussions are in place with the goal of improving speech, Wu has found they also create a closer bond within her classroom.

“I’m convinced that before students care to know what we know, (as teachers), they need to know we care,” Wu says.

One particular unit discussion prompted one of Wu’s shyer students to speak up. His participation not only gave him practice and a chance to improve his English, but also built the confidence to share opinions and thoughts with his classmates. Student participation also helps Wu gauge what topics are of most interest to her students and what will inspire them to continue speaking up.


ELLoquence’s flexible multi-level styled program and independent study options can further assist Wu as she gains these student insights. Olivia Phillips, an ELLoquence user and alternative education teacher at CIS Academy (Pasadena, CA) has found that thanks to the flexibility ELLoquence offers, she can fine tune her lessons towards individual students in her class, rather than having to use a one-size fits all type of program.

“ELLoquence allows me the flexibility to place my students in the appropriate levels and work with them independently, or in small groups, and customize their work,” Phillips says.

Phillips and Wu, both use ELLoquence in the same manner, as independent study options for alternative education programs. ELLoquence’s flexibility and customization options help their students’ learn at the pace they need.

In Wu’s case, by customizing her shyer students’ work, she can find more compatible units and techniques to help her students learn more efficiently and grow! Every student is different. They have different interests and different rates of learning. With ELLoquence, students learn at the correct pace and with the right lessons. With ELLoquence, teachers learn what the correct pace and lessons are.


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