“Honestly, my English proficiency today really boomed from my previous experience. I really enjoyed the strategies employed to make my study worthwhile. We learned vocabulary through many interesting readings composed by Mrs. Huey. She conducted a heavy load of extracurricular activities in class to help us absorb the material. I call this a diversity of learning strategies. We learned English not only from the subject itself, but also from history, health, geography, etc. For me, each reading is a new valuable lesson of culture, environment, politics, and personality. I once was a guest speaker for my former teacher’s class. I think the real experience from former students really works out well because the students more comfortable and connected. In addition, I think cooperation is the main element that helps boost our English quickly. We usually had some formal debates together in class so that we could gain experience in speaking publicly and confidently. I really appreciated the valuable and meaningful time I spent at Fairmont improving my English!” – Khang Lam Dinh Do, current International/Global Studies student at the University of California, Irvine


“My experience with the beginning ELLoquence classes to the later AP courses was such a rewarding one. The extra reading assignments based on novels helped me to strengthen my reading skills both in vocabulary and speed. The flexible homework load in those English classes was effective and gave me plenty of time to balance my other courses and activities. The one particular thing which I really liked was that we could skip one or two levels if we could pass English proficiency assessments. I believe that “jump” can really encourage students to challenge themselves and put the top students in the fittest classes.” – Xinta Yang, current Applied Mathematics student at the University of California, Los Angeles

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