“I am seeing consistent improvement…” That’s the kind of feedback we treasure at Thesys International. Samantha Weiss, RIS, ELD Teacher at Ridgecrest High School in Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, recently shared a letter she wrote to her school board about her experiences with ELLoquence, our blended learning solution that focuses on boosting students’ Academic English Proficiency. “Thesys International is a blended learning program that has helped to drive my ELD 1 & 2 program at Ridgecrest. The curriculum is very high interest, and most of the pieces are nonfiction, which aligns nicely with the Common Core shift to more critical reading of nonfiction. I like the interactive features, such as the journals and discussion activities. I also appreciate the annotation features for giving students individualized feedback.

My students enjoy being able to do their work on the iPad. Students can work at their own pace or the teacher can control the pacing. There are also a multitude of reports I can run to see how students are progressing in their writing, listening, reading, and comprehension skills. The technology focus and the blended style are features that help me to deliver English language development skills in an engaging and efficient manner.

Most of the students are on a steep curve, learning at a great pace, and I’m thrilled to see students who have been here only a few months already quite conversant. The reports speak for themselves. The listening quizzes and reading comprehension tests are my best indication as to the effectiveness of their learning. I am seeing consistent improvement on these scores, particularly among the students who are motivated, which lucky for me, is most of them!”

We’re always pleased to hear great success stories like this one from Ridgecrest.

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