Thesys Solutions

Thesys offers hybrid courses for public, independent, charter, and international high schools. Our courses are intended for advanced students, are rigorous by design, and meet both Common Core State Standards and University of California (UC) requirements.

This platform (see below) provides an integration of technology tools for learning, full course content, and services necessary for a great student and teacher experience.

Learning Management System

A Learning Management System (LMS) is a digital tool enabling teachers and students to share content, communicate with each other, discuss key questions, submit assignments, and many other learning and collaborative activities.

At Thesys, our hybrid courses are pre-built into an LMS enabling schools to use our LMS without having to adopt one of their own. We have found this arrangement to be turn-key, easy to use, and intuitive. Our experience is that students need only to receive their username and password before quickly figuring out how to navigate their way through the system. Teachers are also able to grasp the LMS with a little professional development and exploration of the course(s). In our experience, teachers are proficient LMS users by the time we finish working with them to customize the hybrid course (inputting additional content, dates/schedules, etc, and choosing which course materials the teacher wishes to use or to deactivate).

Thesys Teacher Mentor

Thesys supports partner teachers with a Teacher Mentor team. Our teams support teachers at the beginning of the process with training, customization, and course setup. Throughout the duration of the course, we support classroom teachers with any on-going questions or changes, regular reports of students learning behavior and practice (i.e., are they accessing the course enough at levels we have learned are correlated to earning an "A" or not), and advise on how to teach specific lessons in the online environment as needed.

Professional Development

Thesys offers four embedded professional development modules (included in the base price of a course) that aid teachers in quickly and effectively learning to teach the online portions of their hybrid courses.

  • Best Practices In How To Teach Online
  • How To Teach In A Blended Learning Format
  • Effective Online Learning Environments
  • Improving Student Success Online

Our professional development modules are embedded within our courses so that teachers learn by doing - by building and using Web 2.0 tools, including:

Hybrid Professional Development

Our professional development is spread out overtime, self-paced, shared, and applicable to other courses that teachers are leading.

Platform Design

The Thesys Blended Education Platform is designed to integrate the teacher and technology with students. The curriculum is built to use technology to provide a 21st Century learning experience as illustrated below.


Listed below is the core curriculum available at Thesys:

Online Tutoring

When students have a question while working from home or outside of school, learning is optimized by obtaining an answer immediately.

Therefore, Thesys provides online tutoring available 24/7, as follows:

  • Use of a whiteboard and chat sessions with tools to interact with the question and content that provides an answer
  • Tutors are subject matter experts with either a Bachelor's or Master's degree
  • Online Tutoring can be utilized for test preparation, homework help, or general needs as a student goes through a course.
  • Online Tutoring can be a separate service or utilized in conjunction with Thesys curriculum.
And we see a difference in student learning as a result...

Thesys Outcomes

At Thesys, we have been measuring outcomes in blended learning for three years. Student outcomes were measured by tabulating end of course grades and comparing them to the past school year, and prior summer term. The graph below compares the same set of courses in three different cases: 1) Summer 2010 using an outsourced online curriculum in a blended delivery format, 2) Equivalent courses conducted during the school year in a traditional classroom format with standard curriculum, and 3) The next two summers using Thesys-authored curriculum. While there were different students in each of the three cases, it was largely the same set of teachers.

Based on the graph below, students in the blended environment consistently earned higher average grades, most recently a 50% increase in "A's" earned. A high pass rate of 89% was maintained. We see the same pattern of improvement for advanced and remedial students.

Thesys Outcomes + Case Studies

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Pilot Program Case Studies with School-Wide Outcomes

2013 Case Study

Fairmont Preparatory Academy, Summer 2011 Case Study

Fairmont Preparatory Academy, Summer 2010 (abbreviated)
Fairmont Preparatory Academy, Summer 2010 (full)