How We Help

Teacher helping a student through digital curriculum

Teachers love our curriculum because it…

  • Is complete, focusing on all skills
  • Works in multi-level classrooms
  • Gives teachers the freedom to be teachers
  • Has unit plans available
  • Provides teachers great support through our Teacher Mentors
  • Allows teachers to focus on students and provide feedback
  • Leads to great student outcomes

Students love our curriculum because it…

  • Is engaging
  • Uses technology
  • Helps them graduate
  • Contains real world topics
  • Allows them to make personal connections
  • Makes them better writers
  • Gives them confidence

Districts love our curriculum because it…

  • Increases student engagement and interaction
  • Increases graduation rates
  • Provides a variety of courses
  • Is aligned to nation-wide standards
  • Provides licenses that are transferrable
  • Can track progress and show growth over time
  • Is flexible for class utilization or independent study
  • Can be used in traditional, alternative, and summer programs


At Thesys, we know the challenges you face – we are educators ourselves. We have seen first-hand how education is changing and how students are changing. Today’s learners are “digital natives” who are savvy with technology and expect education to keep up, as well as be fun and interesting. That’s why the experts at Thesys integrated multiple resources, systems, and tools into a complete curriculum so that you can spend more time focusing on what you do best – teaching and engaging students.

Best of all, studies show that students become more engaged when working in Thesys courses. More engagement leads to better attendance and completion rates, which leads to higher grades, better test scores, and increased graduation rates!


Education standards are rising even as performance gaps persist and budgets remain limited to remedy the situation. Our Thesys programs have been shown to improve students’ outcomes thereby helping retain and grow the number of students in your district, as well as increasing the breadth and depth of your school’s offerings.

Thesys provides your teachers with the tools and resources needed to help your students be college and career ready. Our curriculum is rigorous, standards-aligned, and interactive. Each of our courses include unit plans and a grade center that will let you know how your teachers and students are progressing. Teachers appreciate that our courses are easy to modify, easy to expand, and easy to implement. We also provide professional development for your teachers and access to Teacher Mentors for personalized support throughout the term of our partnership with you.

Data Points

  • In our Data Points feature, grades are color-coded for at-a-glance monitoring.
  • Granular grade tracking is based on assignment or assessment.
  • Color coded percentages represent reading, writing, listening, and speaking outcomes by student.
  • Teacher Mentors assist teachers by monitoring color changes and trends.


  • Administrators appreciate the efficiency to access overall reading, writing, listening, and speaking averages through our Dashboard.
  • An administrator’s main goal is to be a top performing school; our Dashboard feature allows them to compare results each quarter.
  • Our goal is to make sure each quarter looks better than the previous because seeing progression demonstrates the effectiveness of our products! That’s why our Teacher Mentors are proactively checking Data Points to help teachers achieve these goals.

Customer Testimonials

ELLoquence has transformed my classroom from an eclectic hodgepodge of random materials, to a targeted, engaging, and efficient learning environment. I as the teacher, facilitate and guide the learning process, with the program as my #1 tool- and a fabulous one at that!

My students are engaged and practicing their skills every day, but there is no drudgery. They work hard for sure, but half the time they don’t even realize how much learning they are actually accomplishing because the material is engaging and there is so much classroom interaction. I love it!

Justine Phelps

Cascade Christian High School, Washington

"Wanted you to know that I loved doing Thesys this week! I was able to get the kids on to Chromebooks and working. The students were engaged, and I felt they had even more opportunities to speak English and present because of the lessons! Christina, the aide for Naika, confirmed much of what I was thinking as we went through the content. She has expressed to me, "This is really great, the kids are really into doing this work!" Thank you for the opportunity! Val Axtell

Arcadia High School, CA

Blended Learning is a methodology that gives teachers the flexibility to determine how and when curriculum is delivered. It helps increase the interaction of students and teachers allowing for more engagement for all stakeholders. Thesys provides us with the digital curriculum where students engage with the content that improves their learning. Jack Loos

Principal, Alternative Education at Pasadena Unified School District

"A review of the teacher/student evaluations shows that the ELLoquence program was well received by teachers and students alike."

Dan Fichtner

Former President of CATESOL, Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District

I've been using ELLoquence for about a year in my ESL classroom beginning with just 4 students and expanding to a class of 17 this year. ELLoquence has such engaging course subjects and essential questions that guide my students when we're engaging in the topics on the computers individually or during our class discussions. Each unit thoroughly covers the four language domains of speaking, reading, writing and listening and the directions are laid out so clearly that my students are able to be self-directed while I'm working with other, more needy students. It also empowers them to engage with technology and improve their computer skills. The lesson plans can stand on their own or serve as a starting point for me to build on and differentiate in order to reach the ability levels of all of my students. The grade center allows me to have instant data in order to assess my students' abilities in each language domain as well. What stands out to me the most about ELLoquence however, is the access I have to experienced ESL teachers who have created and implemented the curriculum themselves. In addition to my biweekly check-ins, I'm able to make an inquiry and within the hour hear back from an ELLoquence staff member to answer my question, bounce an idea off of or collaborate with on my next lesson. I would recommend ELLoquence especially to those teachers new to ESL, but to all who desire to engage students of all backgrounds and ability levels.

Mariel Race

Golder College Prep, Noble Network

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