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Gradify® is a comprehensive digital curriculum with rigorous UC-approved classes, perfect for accelerated learning and credit recovery.

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Gradify® Overview

Gradify® is a comprehensive digital curriculum, with rigorous UC approved classes, that provides teachers with the tools they need to instill an interactive learning environment, enabling them to focus on what they do best – teach. Gradify® offers core subjects, AP courses, Honor courses and electives for students in grades 9-12 who need to recover credits or who need to meet graduation requirements.

To improve student achievement in the alternative school setting, it requires passionate teachers and a digital curriculum that engages students. Our program has been vetted and written by teachers aligning our courses to Common Core Standards and Next Generation Science Standards, saving the teacher a lot of time and energy by pulling resources, content, material and assessments and putting them in a blended platform for their ease of use. Gradify® was designed with the “at-risk” student in mind and incorporates strategies that help these students reach their goal of graduation. By combining digital content and blended learning, along with real-world activities, Gradify® engages the student who has difficulties and struggles in their daily life but is passionate in obtaining their diploma.

Options For Accelerated Learning & Credit Recovery

Rigorous 9th-12th Grade Curriculum for "at-risk" students

All Core Courses Are UC Approved

Next Generation Science Standards

ELLoquence for Remediation

Common Core Aligned

Strong Teacher Support

Elective Courses Available

Our Methodology

Blended learning is when traditional classroom instruction is integrated with technology and modified to engage the student. We believe that the most important part of Gradify® is that the learning modalities are an integrated experience for the student, allowing them to grow and shine to their fullest potential. In our philosophy, the classroom teacher still plays an important role while utilizing Gradify® in their classroom. “At-risk” students that take our Gradify® program consistently complete their courses with a passing grade. Why? Our curriculum promotes better student engagement in the learning process because there is both a teacher and technology.


Teacher Mentors

We understand that there is a learning curve. That is why our highly qualified Thesys Teacher Mentors offer up to 6 hours of professional development per teacher to assist in the transitioning from classroom-only to teaching online and in the blended or flipped environment. This time is customizable based on the needs of the school and teacher. Our Teacher Mentors are available to answer questions, assist with content and lesson plans, as well as student monitoring.

For additional technical assistance, contact the Thesys Help Desk (6:00am-5:00pm PST):

(714) 234-2715

Course Catalog

What sets our courses apart?

Gradify® has extensive writing components developed in all the subject matters, even in mathematics. Our UC approved curriculum is especially successful with real-world examples and relevant activities incorporating all subject matters.

Course Snapshot

Each unit begins with students understanding the objectives.

Students are engaged with multiple methods of learning. Instructional activities are integrated and interactive...

...and include development of key vocabulary.

Students also learn through independent practice activities.

Virtual labs are designed to give students practice with designing and conducting scientific investigations.

Project based learning promotes critical thinking, collaborative learning and and provides real world experience.

Finally, students develop their writing and critical thinking skills...

...including development of collaboration skills.

Diagnostic, formative, and summative assessments are included.

Simple Pricing


Per Student / Per Year

Student Volume Discounts Available

Transferable Licensing

Electronic Version of Course Reader and Other Printable Materials

Data Points for Teachers and Dashboards for Administrators

Access to content via Blackboard LMS

Unit Plans and Other Online Resources

Six Hours of Professional Development and Teacher Mentor Assistance

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