A Blended Online / Classroom Approach To Education

Launched in 2010, Thesys is a new education business that supports schools with a blended online / classroom approach to education. As a Fairmont Education Group company, Thesys represents the culmination of thought, curricular innovation, and evolution of the classroom throughout Fairmont's 60-year history as a leading educational provider in Southern California.

At Thesys we believe in innovating with technology. We believe in kids, and in kids innovating. We believe a new educational model can inspire a new generation of learners.

In fact, not too long ago we were kids ourselves, and we feel truly appreciative of the people who believed in us . . .

Rob Chandler, Chief Student Advocate (CEO)

As head of Fairmont Education Group, and CEO of Fairmont Schools, Rob is the key driver of Thesys, and constantly challenges the team to keep the focus of our work on the students. Rob joined Fairmont in 2004 with over 25 years of experience in operations and finance. He has held senior leadership roles in a variety of industries as well as a variety of business stages, including start-ups, turn-arounds and mergers. Prior to his 6 years with Fairmont, Rob served as Senior VP of Operations for ARV Assisted Living, a multi-state, 3200 employee public company. Upon joining Fairmont, Rob led a restructuring of the company to position the organization for its next stage of growth. Most recently Rob has created a roadmap for the future growth of Fairmont Education Group, of which Thesys is a key component. Rob holds a Bachelor’s degree from Lake Forest College. He lives in Orange County, California. He has four children and enjoys off-shore fishing.

Alan Rudi, Principal Solutions Strategist

With prior companies, Alan led teams that won awards for innovation. At Thesys, we applaud him every day for creatively guiding development, defining strategy and authoring solutions in innovative ways. With over 20 years of experience in education business management and information services product marketing, Alan joined Fairmont Education Group in January 2009. Prior to launching Thesys in 2010, he developed and implemented an eLearning strategy for Fairmont Private Schools that included a core-out strategy focused on teacher training, and on technology application and implementation over installation. Alan holds a Master’s degree in Technology Management from Pepperdine University as well as a Master’s degree in Business Administration from Oregon State University. He is passionate about the potential value of technology in education and the social need to continually improve education for all students in a global society. Prior to Fairmont, Alan developed new products and managed databases on 180 million consumers and 25 million businesses for use in the financial services industry. He was also responsible for turning-around Concordia University and achieving annual growth of 14%. As part of his tenure with Concordia University he also developed eLearning programs and taught in both the classroom and online environments. Alan lives in Orange County, loves to golf, and is married with three children.

Carolyn Lucia, Academic Advisor

As Thesys' lead academician, Carolyn Lucia advises program development as it relates to academic design, teacher professional development and student outcomes analysis. Carolyn joined Fairmont Education Group in 2011 as the Dean of Advanced Studies at Fairmont Preparatory Academy. Her extensive background in education encompasses a broad range of positions including teacher, Dean of Students, Student Services Coordinator, Assistant Principal, as well as Founder and Director of a charter school. She has a strong knowledge of developing and analyzing assessments for international and English Language Learning students. In addition, Ms. Lucia teaches university level courses for continuing teacher education. She was also honored to have been chosen as an ongoing participant in the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation MET study project for assessing effective teaching methods. Carolyn completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications at Chapman University and her Master of Science degree in Educational Administration at National University. Additionally, she holds several California credentials including Single Subject English, Multiple Subjects, and Administrative Services. Carolyn lives in Orange County, and she enjoys a good movie or book, walking at the beach, and tending to her three very demanding but lovable dogs.

Tysha Michel, Product Architect

As an integral part of the product development team, Tysha incorporates curricular content and teacher expertise into a strong graphic aesthetic to design Thesys courses. Tysha has over 15 years of experience in design and development, and specializes in 3D animation, motion graphics, and visual effects. Tysha holds a Master’s of Science degree in Education from California State University of East Bay, with a concentration in Online Teaching and Learning, as well as a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts - Illustration from the Ringling School of Art and Design. Tysha joined Thesys International in 2011. She lives in Orange County and enjoys painting and inventing.

Beverly DeCuir, Director of Educational Services

A key member of the product development team, Beverly integrates teacher and content area expertise, research, and best practices to design Thesys courses. Beverly has over 15 years of teaching experience, and has taught both online and in the classroom at the K-8, high school, and university level. Her areas of content expertise are computers, technology, business and entrepreneurship, staff development and English as a second language. In addition to teaching, Beverly has written technology curriculum and education grants, and has also developed school-wide technology plans. She holds a Master’s degree in Educational Technology from Azusa Pacific University as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership from Biola University. Beverly lives in Orange County and enjoys hiking.