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Speaking to Build Writing Fluency

When working through the writing process, there are many engaging activities you can do with your English language learners to integrate the core skills of reading, speaking, and listening. We invite you to join our 30 minute webinar hosted by ESL expert Brenda Huey-Rosas as she covers different activities that promote writing fluency and the necessary skills of prewriting, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing. Brenda will demonstrate how integral speaking activities can develop writing and provide a platform for presentation of polished works.

On November 30 @ 12pm PST, please visit to join the live event. Click here to watch past webinars.

ELLoquence has transformed my classroom from an eclectic hodgepodge of random materials, to a targeted, engaging, and efficient learning environment. I as the teacher, facilitate and guide the learning process, with the program as my #1 tool- and a fabulous one at that!

My students are engaged and practicing their skills every day, but there is no drudgery. They work hard for sure, but half the time they don’t even realize how much learning they are actually accomplishing because the material is engaging and there is so much classroom interaction. I love it!

Justine Phelps

Cascade Christian High School, Washington

Blended Learning is a methodology that gives teachers the flexibility to determine how and when curriculum is delivered. It helps increase the interaction of students and teachers allowing for more engagement for all stakeholders. Thesys provides us with the digital curriculum where students engage with the content that improves their learning. Jack Loos

Principal, Alternative Education at Pasadena Unified School District

"Wanted you to know that I loved doing Thesys this week! I was able to get the kids on to Chromebooks and working. The students were engaged, and I felt they had even more opportunities to speak English and present because of the lessons! Christina, the aide for Naika, confirmed much of what I was thinking as we went through the content. She has expressed to me, "This is really great, the kids are really into doing this work!" Thank you for the opportunity! Val Axtell

Arcadia High School, CA

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