"A review of the teacher/student evaluations shows that the ELLoquence program was well received by teachers and students alike. (Teachers) comments reflect a positive opinion of the courses both from their point of view and that of the (ELL) students. The platform was easily mastered by all involved. (Teachers) believe the program was successful in attaining its goal of developing academic vocabulary, reading, writing, listening and speaking skills."
  • - Dan Fichtner, Palos Verdes Peninsula Unified School District (and former President of CATESOL)
"Blended Learning is a methodology that gives teachers the flexibility to determine how and when curriculum is delivered. It helps increase the interaction of students and teachers allowing for more engagement for all stakeholders. Thesys provides us with the digital curriculum where students engage with the content that improves their learning."
  • - Jack Loos, Principal. Pasadena Unified School District.
"On Tuesday, I saw a real breakthrough. I have a student that, while very sweet, spends her time talking in Spanish and giggling. We went on to the discussion board and she read a message from her cousin. She was so excited to see that her cousin was writing to her in English that she wrote back. I would like them to develop a topic, but I was so excited to see her trying English. She has only been in the country a few weeks and she was communicating in written English. How wonderful is that?"
  • - Rebecca Taylor, ELL Teacher Limestone County School, AL